On Record with Reflux: Maressa Fox

On Record with Reflux:

Maressa Fox – Burlesque dancer, model, cosplayer, costumer, artist, mythical creature

Fallout Vault Dweller

Fallout Vault Dweller Cosplay by Maressa Fox
photography by Weapon Outfitters

Today, I have a the pleasure of interviewing another cosplayer, but not just any cosplayer, it’s Ms. Maressa Fox. A self described eccentric, who is all-over-the-place, and is nearly 6-foot, and a bumbly girl who wishes to inspire others. She loves lace, pearls, rhinestones, and gowns, but also loves climbing trees, building things, or going to the shooting range. She also loves “hunkering down for some vidja games”, and in this interview it reflects. So as always, let’s jump right in;

Hi, I’m Reflux, and I represent Anime-Eden, and I am glad you responded with interest in the interview. So I would love to know what got you started into the world of Cosplay and when did you start cosplaying on a regular basis?

M: I got started when I decided I wanted to go to Sakura Con in Seattle (where I grew up) when I was 19. I’ve always been a bit of a nurd*. I wanted to dress up, because if there’s an option to dress up for anything I’m gonna do it! I was really into Silent Hill at the time (and didn’t know much about cosplay oversaturation), so I went with a friend as a Nurse and he as Pyramid Head. It was really fun. I like to be in character, so I walked around the con dragging my legs and bent in half with my hands all tensed up. I was really surprised when everybody wanted pictures. After that, I’ve had a Model Mayhem account for quite a while, and Weapon Outfitters found me when they were just starting out and asked me to make and model some cosplay costumes for their company- I did Sniper Wolf and a Vault Dweller, and with WO’s encouragement I started a fan page and started getting serious.

R: If you were in the fallout series, which part of the series would you be from, and which vault?
M: Probably New Vegas, and Vault 34 of course!
R:  The Boomers came from 34. This, explains a lot about your personality. (insert laughter)

In cosplay today what would you say are your absolute favorite cosplays?
M: I really REALLY love Kevin Mosley. My favorite cosplay of his is his Ruby Rhod from 5th Element- he usually has an entourage of leopard-clad minions and gives out prints which he signs with a paintbrush and red paint. It’s brilliant. I love good humor more than anything!
R: I was… you know what, Yes, I will accept this answer. Brilliant!

In your cosplay career/lifetime, I want to know which conventions have you attended?
M: A lot less than I’d like to, unfortunately. Sakura Con, Megacon, and that’s the grand list so far. Most of my cosplays are done for photo shoots. It’s on my bucket list to meet Patrick Stewart though!

R: During your cosplay career have you ever decided to compete in any of the cons?
M: Not really, the kind of cosplay I do is not usually the kind that wins awards… I don’t make giant costumes or intricate armor. I don’t see the point in competing in something if you don’t intend to win, but I love seeing what the contestants have done!

R: What conventions would you love to attend?
M: I’d LOVE to go to Dragoncon this year… it’s a life goal to meet Patrick Stewart

R: I know SDCC just ended and everyone was posting that they couldn’t be there or wish they were, would you want to make it to SDCC next year?
M: SDCC is cool, but PAX Prime is my true love. If I’m going to shoot for a big con next year, that’d be the one! I do it because as a public personality and an entertainer, I’m here for just that.

Maressa Fox Cosplaying Tank Girl Photography by Weapon Outfitters

Maressa Fox Cosplaying Tank Girl
also featuring Ethereal Rose
Photography by Weapon Outfitters

R: I usually ask if you as a cosplayer would consider conventions and cosplaying addictive?
M: I do love cosplay but it’s not my main thing, I’m mainly a costumer with costumes of my own original design and a stage performer. What is addictive is seeing a really great design and thinking, WOW, I’d love the make that. The challenge is the addictive part, especially because as many nice people as there are at cons, there seem to be just as many who want to come up and nitpick your costume to your face. I think that’s silly. We’re all having fun here!
R: I guess, I should have asked if you think the fun could be addictive. mental note. (more laughter)

By far, I have interviewed quite a few people that are cosplayers and everyone sees their fans differently.  Would you say you love having fans and supporters?
M: So far YES! I’m very lucky to have great followers on my page. They always leave kind and respectful comments on my work, encourage me on my sad days, they donated to a Go Fund Me I had for a costume, and they keep me laughing. It’s really nice to know that a huge group of strangers from all walks of life think what you’re doing is cool and take the time of day to tell you so. I’m really grateful for them.
R: On Facebook, I like how you interact with all of your supporters/fans, you actually take the time to respond to replies to your posts, and I think that is awesome. Is there a reason why you do this?
M: Entertaining. I really do love my fans, I love the cheeky stuff they post and the silly reaction videos, and the nice things they say after my live shows. I wrote an email to Amanda Palmer one time and she actually responded, and I thought that was the COOLEST THING EVER. If people think I’m cool, I hope that by responding to them they feel good, you know?
R: That is awesome. I was surprised when you answered me, so I’m glad this happened.

Do you have any weird stories from conventions/expos/photo shoots?
M: My favorite experience at a con was a man dressed as a Katamari- only his head and legs were sticking out and he was covered in a giant ball with houses, mountains, little people and sheep and random stuff stuck to the ball. He was standing at the entrance to the con and as I walked up he said “Can I take a picture of you?” I said sure, and his head popped into the ball and a few seconds later it popped out of the side of the ball with two hand holding a camera. He took the picture then disappeared again, then his head popped back out the top and he thanked me. I think I was cracking up in the picture XD
R: As in life, there are good experiences and bad experiences, and I’m sure you have plenty great experiences from cosplaying. What I want to know is are there any bad experiences from cosplaying that you have come across?
M: Sometimes people are just annoying. I have a realistic Vault Dweller (which means it looks grungy and nasty and beat all to hell) that I wore to Megacon, and some dude walked up to me and started telling me how the paint job was flaky and looked badly done. I told him it was SUPPOSED to look ratchet and he just scoffed at me and walked off. BYE FELICIA.

Maressa Fox Cosplaying Tank Girl  Photography by Weapon Outfitters

Maressa Fox Cosplaying Tank GirlPhotography by Weapon Outfitters 

R: Okay, I have a time machine that doesn’t cause any major damage to the future, but you can only talk to yourself from ten years ago, mind you, you cannot warn about major disasters or investments, that would change too much, what would you tell yourself?
M: Please for the love of God learn how to dress yourself like a human being and do something about the squirrels living on your face calling themselves eyebrows.

R: There are a lot of newbies out there watching seasoned cosplayers through their social media. What would you say to those newbies starting out in cosplay?
M: Don’t give up! Take a lot of pictures! Your first costume may not be the greatest thing you’ve ever made/will make, but it’s fun to grow. Work hard, pay attention to detail and most of all HAVE FUN. If you forget that last, and most important part, then why bother?

R: Who are your favorite cosplayers and/or who is your role model?
M: Still Kevin Mosley, just because everything he does makes me smile. Dahlia Thomas is one of my best friends, and I’ve known her since she first started cosplaying and it’s been very inspirational and awesome watching her grow, work hard, improve, and do her very best to help others who are interested in getting into cosplay. She’s a very kind person who cares deeply about what she does and will do her best to lift others up. My role model is Zoe Jakes- that woman is amazing! Incredible style, incredible dancer, great composer- she has it all.
R: Zoe Jakes, as in the belly dancer/Beats Antique artist, Zoe Jakes? How does she influence you, I know you are a Burlesque artist, do you try and embody her in some form?
M: Yes, the belly dance artist. I always thought belly dance was an incredibly beautiful art form, and Zoe is actually a great fan dancer, too. I try not to mix belly dance and Burlesque because I don’t want confused audience members to think that belly dancers should also strip, I know a lot of girls in that art form struggle with their art being taken sexually. Her art style influences me a lot, she has incredible taste in costuming and the way she styles herself. Her live shows are amazing, if you ever get a chance to see Beats Antique you won’t be disappointed. She’s also always had her own unique brand of vintage/goth/sideshow/Burlesque flavor that I really admire. I don’t try to embody her, because she is an original and I hope I am, too- I just look up to her and respect her.
R: Still cool to know this though. Not many know of Zoe Jakes. Will have to look her up some more.

In the land of comic book heroes and anime characters, there are quite a few with super powers. If you could have a superpower, what would it be, and why?
M: Gah, tough question. Umm. Probably being able to transform into a mermaid. Hey, stop laughing, childhood dream.
R: Mermaid is an interesting choice. No hate, just wondering, what you would do as a mermaid?
M:  I’ve wanted to be a mermaid since I was a wee bitty one. As soon as I learned they made realistic swim-able silicone tails, I started saving for one one right away from Finfolk Productions. There is actually a large international mermaid community, a lot of them talk via mernetwork.com. As a mermaid you can appear at children’s parties, at Renaissance festivals, and I plan to convert it into a stage performance with some sort of prop I can suspend from since I’m a classically trained singer and I’d love to do a vocal mermaid act.

R: What is your favorite word?
M: Turnip! I have no idea why.
R: Turnip, reminds me of Super Mario Brothers 2 and Kids Next Door, I don’t know why, but that’s weird isn’t it?
M: Not really weird! I love Super Mario Bros. I’ll kick most anyone’s butt at Mario Kart
R: whoa there, not a challenge. XD

What sound do you love?
M: Being underwater. Everything’s so quiet. Whenever I’m stressed out or need to get some calm into my brain, I run a full bath and put my head under and lie there.

R: What sound do you hate?
M: METAL ON METAL. Nope nope nope. Like when you use a can opener then you did it badly so you have to use a knife to get the lid out? NOPE.

R: What is your favorite swear word?
M: Fucky. Not fuck, fucky. As in “I thought I’d go outside today and interact with people today, but my brain’s all fucky so I’m just gonna watch Star Trek instead.”

Maressa Fox Cosplaying Zoey from Left for Dead series photography by Weapon Outfitters

Maressa Fox Cosplaying Zoey from Left for Dead series
photography by Weapon Outfitters

R: What anime are your favorites (top 5)?
M: Oh man. Kinda depends on how I’m feeling, but I really love Samurai Champloo, Noein, Gankutsuou, Squid Girl, and the first couple seasons of Naruto before it all turned into filler.
R: Naruto did become quite a bit of filler, didn’t it. What other Anime other than this one would you consider a lot of filler?
M: I haven’t watched it, but I’ve been wary of watching Bleach because even though I love the art style, all I hear about is all the filler. Maybe I’ll give it a go anyway.

R: What are you currently watching anime wise?
M: Princess Jellyfish! It’s pretty off the wall but it’s cute.
R: Princess Jellyfish?! oh man, how far are you? I don’t want to be the one to spoil anything, but yes, I agree, it’s real good. Who is your favorite character of this anime?
M:On PJ I’m only 5 episodes in So far I like the jellyfish herself, Clara. KAWAIIIIIIIIII
R: I am hoping for a season 2. I have completed it and I watched it with a good friend of mine and we both laughed so hard at all the antics. You should continue, it gets really good. I also agree, Clara is quite the cute character.

Do you read manga?/what are you reading?
M: Haven’t read much of anything lately (bad! Very bad!) but I really enjoyed the Hellsing manga… so much black ink. So much.
R: Oh my, I loved Hellsing. It is so good in manga form. Have you read anything else that makes you feel good that you read it in manga as well as watched in anime?
M:  D Gray Man was a pretty beautiful manga, I didn’t read much, my high school boyfriend was just really into it and I thought the art was lovely. Haven’t watched any of the animu, though.

At this point, I have no more questions, and would love to thank you for this interview. You were a pleasure to interview. I hope to see more of your cosplay in the future. Hopefully maybe a Princess Jellyfish Cosplay? hmmm? I kid, I kid. Now, I know the people of Anime-Eden would love to thank you for your time and over all thank you for putting up with my questions. If anyone wants to book Maressa Fox you can do so by going to her website maressafox.com you can follow her on facebook on her fanpage or twitter. A Special shoutout to Dragon Con, in which Maressa really wants to go to, because she would love to meet Patrick Stewart. So, give them a look and if you are in that area, go to it. Dragon Con 2014 will be held Labor Day  weekend, August 29 – September 1, 2014 and will be held at Hyatt Regency Atlanta, 265 Peachtree Street Northeast, Atlanta, 30303. To contact them you can either go to http://www.dragoncon.org or to give them a call 404-669-0773 (M-F 9am-5pm EST). Dragon Con’s facebook can be found here, so go give them a like as well.

To the readers, I hope you all enjoyed reading this and if you are a cosplayer, and you want to be interviewed, please contact me via facebook at www.facebook.com/Anime-Eden or on the forums under the user name Reflux. If you are a Convention planner, or event planner with future conventions, or know of someone who is, let them know that I am going to be putting a calendar up soon with all future conventions in all different areas. I would love to know which conventions are nearest you so we can get the word out. Anime-Eden wants to support all conventions, big and small.

Cosplay Interview: Jazzmin Jolly

On Record with Reflux:

Jazzmin Jolly

Dead Fantasy Namine  Cosplay by Jazzmine Jolly  Photographed by: Elysiam Entertainment

Dead Fantasy Namine
Cosplay by Jazzmine Jolly
Photographed by: Elysiam Entertainment

Continuing my series of cosplay interviews, I went to my Facebook news feed. In a daze I saw a very awesome cosplayer that I’ve been following for a while now. Jazzmin Jolly, a cosplayer / model from Philadelphia, that has been doing cosplay/modeling since 2009, and has quite the following. I was honored she agreed on the first time I contacted her. This interview actually was a lot more than the previous because this interview lent itself to expand as we corresponded between each other.

As always I start off with:

Reflux: Hey, how are you I’m Reflux and let’s just jump right into this, Can you say what got you started into the world of Cosplay and when did you start?
Jazzmin Jolly: Hi Reflux, of course you know I’m Jazzmin Jolly. I started about… maybeee 5 years ago? (2009) I had some friends invite me to Ichibancon in Charlotte and they explained to me what a convention was and that people dressed up sometimes, and so I took it very seriously and went as Tifa from Advent Children. It hit pretty instantly that I LOVED conventions!!!

R: what are your favorite cosplays?
JJ: My favorite? That’s tough. Every cosplay has it’s ups and downs. I almost want to say Namine because I made her keyblade and I was SO proud of it, but I was petrified to bring it to cons because it was so fragile! AndrAIa and Starfire are both awesome, but latex and lube and… there are those problems…Belle is awesome, but my dress is so big that I feel like an island and I can’t use my phone with the gloves…

Should I just say,… all of them? Yes. Let’s do that!
R: Sure, we can, who says we can’t? (insert my laughter here)

What conventions have you gone too?
JJ: I’ve gone to Ichibancon, Animazement, Anime Mid Atlantic, Anime Weekend Atlanta, EXP Con, Otakon, Katsucon, Colossalcon, and Philadelphia Wizard World!
R: From the conventions that you have gone to, which is the most memorable?
JJ:COLOSSALCONNNNN is amazing. I love it SOO much, there’s an arcade, and a zoo with tigers and sting rays, and ostriches and kangaroos, and a zip line that goes past everyone’s balconies, and an indoor water park, and an outdoor water park, and EVERYTHING! OMG, I love it so much!!!
R: Sounds amazing.
There are competitions at conventions, have you competed in any of them?
JJ: Ooh, no… I think that would give me anxiety… Lol!

Princess Jasmine Cosplay by Jazzmine Jolly Photographed by: Emily McGonigle Photography

Princess Jasmine
Cosplay by Jazzmine Jolly
Photographed by: Emily McGonigle Photography

R: Would you consider conventions and cosplay to be addictive?
JJ: OMG, yes! SO addictive! I need therapy! They try to make me go to rehab, and I say- …

Okay sorry… but seriously, it’s so much fun! I have several people that DON’T do cosplay write me and ask how to get started because we all always look like we’re having so much fun!
R: I was going to sing along to that…. (Laughter)

You have quite a few likes on Facebook and quite the following on Instagram, do you love all your fans/supporters?
JJ: OMGYES! It’s still so weird to think that I have fans/supporters, but their messages and comments make me smile and their support means the world to me!
R: I ask, because the fans like knowing they are cared about, so I am glad you said that. *Cough*beingafanandall*cough*

Do you have any weird stories?
JJ: Hmm… I’m sure I do.. lemme think!

When I shot my Ariel cosplay, we shot it at National Harbor (we actually got about 12 shots in before we got kicked out because “I wasn’t wearing enough clothes” which was dumb. Because I had on my seashell bra, green leggings and shorts OVER the leggings. I had on more than an average swimsuit, but whatevs… I’m not bitter.) But, while we were shooting EVERYONE stopped and stared. Like, everyone. Like 40 people. And it is SO hard to pose and keep your focus when right behind your photographer is 40 people just staring at you.
R: During your Ariel shoot, it didn’t occur to you that perhaps someone complained, and that’s why you were kicked out? (Laughter)
JJ: We weren’t even there long enough for someone TO complain. A random guard lady was walking around and around shot 12 came up to us. Which was cool, but she was so rude about it, you know? And what could people complain about? “This girl looks like she’s wearing a swimsuit top and leggings.” I mean… people wear bandeaus and leggings to the mall nowadays! Lol!
R: Bravo, you made me Google bandeaus… (laughter)

With all the good out there and  a lot of people loving the cosplay scene, have you encountered any bad experiences from cosplaying?
JJ: I mean, I occasionally get the “Buttttt… you shouldn’t cosplay this because you’re black” people and the people that come up to you and promptly begin to critique your outfit… sometimes the online people that feel gutsy because they’re behind a computer screen and say things like “OMG, SHE’S HOLDING HER HANDS THE WRONG WAY IN THIS PHOTO” or “I think you should have done the picture THIS way, I would have preferred it that way.” But, overall, I still absolutely LOVE it, and people are always going to try to bring you down. Just gotta shrug it off, I guess!
R: Do you encounter a lot of trolls/racists as a cosplayer of another color?
JJ: Not a WHOLE bunch, but I guess enough to the point where whenever a picture gets shared beyond my page I always get nervous to see if someone is going to say something. It’s become such a thing now that people will instantly jump on the person’s case that said it. The last one happened on my Belle pictures, and by the time she was done, a blog article had been written about her, many people got on the picture and replied to her, and the picture had gotten about 50 more likes just from the traffic and debate alone!

Gender bender Swimsuit Super Saiyan Goku  Cosplay by Jazzmine Jolly  Photographed by: @Gestalt Photographs

Gender bender Swimsuit Super Saiyan Goku
Cosplay by Jazzmine Jolly
Photographed by: @Gestalt Photographs

R: Let’s say a time vortex allowed you to contact yourself from ten years ago, and no repercussions could come of it, what would you tell yourself?
JJ: GET STARTED ON COSPLAYING AND MODELING NOW! OMG, sometimes I wonder how far I would be now if I had started forever ago. I’m so late to the party! (*cries forever*)

R: There are a lot of  new cosplayers or people wanting to go and do cosplay. what would you say like to say to cosplay newbies starting out?
JJ: DO IT! Have fun! Do exactly what YOU want to do and don’t let anyone talk you out of it or discourage you!

R: In the world of conventions and cosplayers there are a ton of  people who are well known in the cosplay community. who are some of your personal favorite cosplayers?
JJ: I’m inspired by pretty much every cosplayer that I meet! They all put time and effort into their cosplays and it’s so inspiring! Kamui cosplay is of course, amazing, and I love Vickibunnyangel cosplay and Melting Mirror! I LOVE that Yaya Han gets into character for her cosplays! That’s something I need to do better at! I’m awful at serious faces, or growling faces or (as my mom calls it) “I’m going to kick your butt” faces. She inspires me when I see her in videos because I need to work on my serious faces to be like that!!!

R: Anime-eden used to be an anime download site, a lot of the members on the forum are huge anime and manga fans, so my next question is what anime are your favorites?
JJ: I feel so bad because I haven’t had a lot of time to watch many recently! I loved Sailor Moon, Outlaw Star, Dragonball Z, and Bleach before it got 40,000 characters. Ouran High School club was cute too! I don’t watch tv that much anymore… I’m mostly into video games now!
R:Video games, which video games are you currently playing then?
JJ: Just got done with Lightning Returns, and trying to re-play through FFX and X-s remastered. Then of course, Mario Kart came out and that took up a good bit of time. I was at a friend’s house last night and we all player Super Smash Brothers and I completely forgot how intense I get when playing games with other people. I kept screaming and throwing the controller down… I am currently (now that I’m away from the game) ashamed of my own behavior… But I know if we played it again I’d go right back into it. Lol!

R:Aside from that, what are you currently watching anime wise?
JJ: Nothing really. (*cries at own loserdom*) I was watching a Korean drama while working on a cosplay prop the other day though!
R: K-Dramas! I was only interested in this one cooking K-drama, Feast of the Gods, I couldn’t stop watching, and I’m not one to watch K-Dramas. Which K-dramas are the ones that you are currently watching now?
JJ: Flower Boy Next Door! SOOOO Fricken cute! One of my friends recommended “You’re Beautiful” to me, so that’s the one I was watching yesterday!
R: (laughter) I don’t normally watch them, but Pixie, from the forums always gets me to try to watch. Only reason I had much interest in Feast of the Gods, was the food. Yes, I know that sounds fat, but yeah, the food.

I have to ask, since Anime-Eden we also used to have manga, do you read any manga? If so, what are you currently reading?
JJ: Not so much. I read them if I find them about, but I’m SUPER into fanfiction. Like, I’m so serious. OMG. I will stay up ALL NIGHT to read a 35 chapter fanfiction and then complain that there weren’t more chapters. Like, I LOVE reading fanficiton. Love. LOVE.
R: Fanfiction? I find those tend to go to weird places with characters that a lot of people hold dear to their hearts. why do you read fanfics vs. manga?
JJ: If the fanfic starts to go somewhere I don’t want it to, I X out of it immediately. Lol! I’m very picky about my fanfics. Also, I’m a grammar and English nazi, so if there’s a typo on the first page of the story I can’t even read it. (I feel like such a snob) But I love the creativity or imagination that goes into it! And the rules can be broken- for example if it’s a “kiddie show” the subject matters can’t be as intense, but like, if you take Teen Titans, you can make the story darker, or deal with things that can’t actually happen on the show! I LOVE that! Also, I guess with manga, the pics are already there for you. I have a pretty intense imagination. I can create the world in the fanfiction story in my own head and see what’s going on from all angles. I don’t need pics to tell me the story.. I can envision it myself!

…I’m… pretty intense when I read. (*embarrassed*)
R: That’s a good explanation as to the fan fiction reading. It actually makes sense on that part. Never apologize for being an intense person or someone with an awesome imagination. It’s needed. Especially in cosplayers.


Starfire  Cosplay by Jazzmine Jolly  Photographed by :Gestalt Photographs

Cosplay by Jazzmine Jolly
Photographed by :Gestalt Photographs

R: Well, that’s it from me, any final words to share with your fans?
JJ: To my fans, I thank them SOOO much just for being awesome and for frequently inspiring me to do better and be better! I love them all to pieces!!!!  <3

Well then, I want to personally give you a huge thank you for the experience of having this interview. I am sure you had as much fun as I did! I hope to see more cosplay from you in the future. Anime-eden would also love to thank Jazzmine Jolly for being a sport and doing this interview. They appreciate the time you took to answer all my questions. Even though I think you would do this just for fans anyway. To the readers, I hope you all enjoyed reading this and if you are a cosplayer, and you want to be interviewed, please contact me via facebook at www.facebook.com/Anime-Eden or on the forums under the user name Reflux. Jazzmine, it’s been a pleasure, I await to see what cosplay you choose to do next, and I wish the very best.

You can check out Jazzmine Jolly on her facebook fan page, and on her instagram under the user name disneyprincess1313. She also wanted to give a shout out to Colossalcon I am not sure on the dates but you can go to their website or their facebook. She also wanted to mention KatsuCon 2015, Katsucon 2015 will be held at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, MD from February 13th-February 15th, 2015. Register here. You can find Katsucon’s FaceBook on that link to give them a like as well.

Cosplay Interview: Dahlia Thomas

On Record with Reflux:
Dahlia Thomas

While in my search for more cosplayers I was able to contact a rare gem of a cosplayer, one Dahlia Thomas. Those not familiar with her works, I suggest checking out her Facebook, but you can also see her vlog on YouTube. She kooky and always fun to watch, if you really want to start getting to know how she is, I suggest All The Cosplays! Vlog entry  in which you can get a better look into what she does.

Dahlia Thomas's Cosplay of Morrigan “Change is coming to the world. Many fear change and will fight it with every fiber of their being. But sometimes, change is what they need the most. Sometimes, change is what sets them free.” Photograph by Kristian Colasacco Art and Photography

“Change is coming to the world. Many fear change and will fight it with every fiber of their being. But sometimes, change is what they need the most. Sometimes, change is what sets them free.” – Morrigan
Cosplay of Morrigan by Dahlia Thomas
Photograph by Kristian Colasacco Art and Photography

Reflux: What got you started into the world of Cosplay/when did you start?
Dahlia Thomas: I got into cosplay from my boyfriend, he looks a lot like a younger David Tennant. Whenever he goes to conventions he dresses as him. Supercon 2012 came up when we started dating, and he asked me to come along. I was always into video games and bits of anime. He asked me to dress like a favorite character, apparently that’s a thing at conventions. I made this ugly costume that I labeled as Morrigan from Dragon Age Origins. I’ve learned a lot since then. Once I got to the convention I, I heard a girl screaming. This girl squeezed the ever living crap out of me and said “Oh my God! You’re Morrigan!? My life is complete.” I didn’t know people would be that enthusiastic over something so silly. After I left that weekend, I had a bunch of friend requests and photos on Facebook. I met so many cool, talented, and loving people, all from wearing a costume. I’m addicted.

R: What are your favorite cosplays?
D: This is a question I hate getting asked. Which costume was my favorite that I slaved hours over? Well, all of them are. I can’t really pick just one.
R: You don’t have to pick it was just to see which one you would fall back on to be more recognizable at conventions.

R: What conventions have you gone too?
D: Florida Supercon 2011-2014, Pax Prime 2013-2014, Swampcon 2012-2013, Pensacon 2014, Megacon 2013-2014, Ultracon 2014

R: Have you competed in any of the conventions?
D: Yes, and I have placed.

Elizabeth Comstock game character model

Elizabeth Comstock game character model

Bioshock Infinite's Elizabeth Comstock Cosplay by Dahlia Thomas Photography by David Love Photography

Bioshock Infinite’s Elizabeth Comstock Cosplay by Dahlia Thomas
Photography by David Love Photography

R: Would you consider conventions and cosplay addictive?
D: I would consider them pretty addictive. The friends you make, the love of fandoms, and the useless merch you buy that makes your soul feel complete. Your bank account may not be addicted, but you sure as hell will be.

R: Do you love all your fans?
D: Okay, what kind of question is that? Of course I love them! However, I hate the word “Fan” I like thinking they’re supporters/friends.
R: I only asked this to see how you would react, and so that your fans/supporters can see that you do care.

R: Do you have any weird stories?
D: I have plenty of weird stories, but I assume you’d like them to be cosplay related. I was getting ready for my photo shoot of San from Princess Mononokee. She has three triangle shapes on her face for war paint. Once I was done painting my face I realized, I needed fake blood for my shoot. I forgot to pick some up the days before. I didn’t want to wipe off the stripes so I went to a store in search for some with war paint on. It was weird.

San, Princess Mononoke Cosplay, by Dahlia Thomas Photo by: Kristian Colasacco Art and Photography

San, Princess Mononoke Cosplay, by Dahlia Thomas
Photo by: Kristian Colasacco Art and Photography
click for full size

R: Any bad experiences?
D: There’s bad experiences with everything. I’m realizing that cosplay is all about the photographers you work with. Shoot with someone who’s bad with a camera, they won’t showcase your hard work in your costumes. I’ve learned that the hard way. There are more bad experiences, but this is an unprofessional question for me to dwell on.

R If you could talk to yourself from ten years ago, what would you tell yourself?
D: I would tell myself personal things that probably do not belong in an interview for cosplay. However, I would tell myself to save at certain check points in certain video games so I wouldn’t have a bad save.

R: What would you say to cosplay newbies starting out?
D: Jump in, look at YouTube for tutorials. DO NOT limit yourself. If you can’t find an item that replicates what you’re looking for in a store, keep in mind, you can make something from scratch. Don’t forget that. It’s limitless.

R:Who are your favorite cosplayers?
D: J Stryker, April Gloria, Kristen Hugley, Nathan DeLuca, Danny Cozplay, Envy Us Deviant, Jessica Nigri, and Dustbunny Cosplay.

R: What animes are your favorite?
D: Wolf’s Rain, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Attack on Titan, Black Butler, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z.

R: What are you currently watching anime wise?
D: I’ve been watching a bit of Death Note on Netflix, but it’s getting really whacky now. I’m not sure how I feel.

R: before I end the interview, is there anything you want to tell your supporters?
D:  I think they know how much I appreciate them. Other than that, you asked me if I like my fans. I think I said enough to them. LOL.

Well, I, Reflux, want to personally thank you for the experience of having this interview. I am sure you had as much fun as I did and I hope to see more cosplay from you in the future. Anime-eden would also love to thank Dahlia Thomas for doing this interview, and they appreciate the time you took to answer all my questions. To the readers I hope you all enjoyed reading this and if you are a cosplayer, and you want to be interviewed, please contact me via facebook at www.facebook.com/Anime-Eden or on the forums under the user name Reflux. Dahlia Thomas, I can’t wait to see what new cosplay you do next, and I wish you all the best.

You can check out Dahlia Thomas on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DahliaThomasCosplay , on Deviant art at http://dahlia-thomas.deviantart.com/ , and on instagram under the user name dahlia_thomas. You may find her at the up coming UltraCon in South Florida 7-19 through 7-20 and following that PAX Prime in Washington State on 8-30 to 9-2 of this year.

On Record with Reflux: Hika’s Cosplay and Design

On the Record with Reflux: Hika’s Cosplay and Design
07/16 by AnimeEden | Culture Podcasts

Cosplay (???? kosupure?), short for costume play, is a performance art in which participants, called cosplayers, wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character or idea that is usually identified with a unique name. Cosplayers often interact to create a subculture centered on role play.

The many people that do this as a hobby, and then there are many who do this professionally. Others do it to make their designs be seen in an area that is more accepted than others. Today on the show we have Brianna Forrester also known as Hika’s Cosplay Design.

Hika Cosplay

She has gone and won a few placements at conventions. Noteable wins are Animania Oct. 2013-Best Craftsmanship: Princess Palantine and Monitacon 2013-First Place in Advandced: Princess Palantine

Hika Cosplay II


Anime-Eden would like to thank Hika of Hika’s Cosplay & Design for doing this interview with Reflux. You can find more of her works one facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hikas-Cosplay-Designs/406224469489145

Cosplay interviews: BattyJuice Cosplay

On Record with Reflux:

BattyJuice Cosplay

BattyJuice's Bunnie Rabbot via facebook

Bunnie Rabbot

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with one of the few people to respond to me about my series of cosplay interviews. BattyJuice, as she goes by is one of the few to respond with willingness to answer a few questions in an interview with me. I personally find her style of cosplay playful and full of fun. I soon jumped at the chance to ask questions and this interview is the result. I had to reformat the line of questioning but here is the result.

Reflux: Hi, my name is Reflux from www.Anime-Eden.com I am one of the writers for the main page. Thank you for taking the time to respond about an interview. AE once was a central hub for anime downloads, community, and reviews. Our blog, is interviewing cosplayers, reviewing anime and informing people of upcoming conventions. So for my first question, first question, what got you into cosplay?

BattyJuice: Nice to meet you Reflux, thank you for taking an interest in me!

I had absolutely no idea what cosplay was until about 2010. I was always known for making crazy get ups for clubbing/theme parties/events/Halloween, so when i found out people did this year round for an actual hobby at conventions dressed as their favorite characters- I wanted to play. Ever since, It’s turned into a year round hobby

R: what are your go to cosplays?
B: go to cosplays? Depends if im working on something new or being part of a group. If my Bunnie Rabbot (featured above) cosplay was more comfortable and not so cumbersome to pack, I would bring it everywhere :3

R: Bunnie Rabbot, eh. I am sure there are some pictures of it somewhere on your Facebook?
B: Yes, I have albums of most the things ive done so far. I didn’t start a facebook until last year.

R: What conventions have you attended?
B: I’m originally from MI, so the only convention, i have gone to up north has been Youmacon in Detroit. In NC, I’ve gone to several ranging from AZ, Escapist expo, Triad, Monitacon, etc., I’ve also worked the dealers room at Otakon

R: Have you ever competed at conventions?
B:  I dont compete lol i just enjoy the challenge and progress of working on a costume with my own hands- sometimes they come out super derpy, other times I feel like a rockstar. Either way it’s an accomplishment.

R:  From the many conventions that you have gone to, would you say they are all fun and memorable? Have you had any negative experiences at a convention?
B:  There’s always good and bad-You meet the sweetest and nastiest people at conventions. Always remember to be smart, and be safe. Make good decisions and have confidence in yourself!
R:  That’s awesome advice for future cosplayers, you sound very much like a  role model there for a lot of the newbies.

BattyJuice's Sergeant Calhoun

Sergeant Calhoun

R: I know a lot of the cosplayers get really into their work and go “hard” (go hard or go home attitude)  when it comes to competitions. Would you ever think about joining the competition circuit?
B: No, I would not compete in a circuit. I feel like it would take the fun out of it for me- I get stressed out trying to re-thread the dang sewing machine (ha ha ha) There are plenty of super talented and creative people who can compete and actually make a living off cosplay.

R: What would be the negative side of cosplay? do you have all kinds of lecherous men getting handsy? or guys proposing marriage? or just plain out weirdos?
B: negative side of cospluuuuuu: Elitism. People evaluating their self worth based on their skill and fanpage likes. General masses over thinking every single aspect and detail of those dressing up. People dressing up looking down on those who don’t at all. People challenging to see ‘how true of a fan’ you are by quizzing your knowledge of a character.

I’ve been luckier than most with the whole female vs. male problems in costume. I take everything in stride and speak out if i’m uncomfortable- Cosplay is not consent- whether male or female, fricken be respectful (you think we’d learn by now)

R: Do you have love for all your fans/supporters?
B: To be honest, I personally dont know a lot of my fans! It makes my heart swell up that people even take the time to look at my stuff, considering how normal my American apple-pie life is. When somebody approaches me a con and knows me specifically as BattyJuice, I feel incredibly honored and enjoy talking to them. I didnt start doing all these crazy cosplay things to get famous, so people knowing who I am Via social media just blows my mind! Technology…its the coolest.

R: Do you have any weird stories?
B:  Tons of weird stories because I’m totez weird. To many to count.

R: Any bad experiences?
B: I’ve been cut down and brought to tears, have had my costumes break and malfunction, forgotten key props and pieces to cosplays. Life goes on- if you’re spending so much time effort and money to get to a con, then you make the damn best of it, no matter what happens.

R: If you could talk to yourself from ten years ago, what would you tell yourself?
B: Ten years ago id be……….14? Bwahahaha I’d tell myself, high school does NOT prepare you for college, don’t worry that your boyfriend forgot your 2 month anniversary because you end up marrying the guy anyway and he’s the best, TAKE YOUR MOM UP ON THOSE SEWING LESSONS SHE OFFERED TO GIVE YOU, and keep doing what your doing because life turns out fine.

R:  What would you say to cosplay newbies starting out?

From a con perspective: Dont buy everything you see- budget for parking and food too- Not all cosplayers like being ‘in character’, be aware of other peoples reactions and emotions. Be considerate and polite. BE SAFE! USE YOUR NOODLE!

R: Who are your favorite cosplayers?
B: I don’t have a favorite cosplayer, Though there are some in my circle of friends with incredible talent that I admire greatly- others i have met briefly at cons or have seen online that make my heart happy just looking at their photos.

R: What anime series are your favorite?
B: Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Deadman Wonderland, Blood+, Samurai Champloo, Sailor Moon, Kaichou Wa Maid Sama, DBZ, Fairy Tail, Elfen Lied, Mushishi…. Its way to hard to pick but as you can see, I like everything from the old school, to the super kawaii, to mega violent and heavy….

R: What are you currently watching anime wise?
B:Mr. Batz and I just finished the new Netflix Original “Knights of Sidonia”….it was absolutely fantastic! I’m also keeping up with the biweekly release of the Sailor Moon Crystal reboot…hnnnnngggggg my childhood feels! BRING ON THE FAN GIRLING.

R: Knights of Sidonia, I was looking at that. A Netflix original, and is it any good? Just asking because my curiosity was piqued.
B: We marathon-ed it. With other Netflix OS like house of cards, Lilyhammer, and OITNB- we knew we had to give it a shot. I was skeptical at first because i’ve never once watched anything involving Mech. The Sci-fi aspects and storyline kept me hooked and I was suprised with the intensity of some scenes. Definitely give it a shot.
R: Definitely going to, trying to support Netflix and their content generation, because it’s all I watch.

R: do you read manga?/what are you reading?
B: I’ve never really been into reading manga- but we’re huge bookworms in general so i guess that’s an odd quirk in our house.

BattyJuice's Lilith Cosplay

Lilith Cosplay

R: Currently you are with child, your pregnant cosplay was absolutely marvelous, are you going to keep cosplaying with the little one when the baby is born?
B: Hahahaa, thank you- sometimes its really hard to keep a constant body positive attitude when you’re growing a beachball. Having some pregnant cosplay available definately lifted my self esteem. I do plan on cosplaying with baby bat! We’ve been incredibly excited about becoming new parents. That being said, we know its going to be hard/nervewrecking/exhausting/terrifying so its not going to be a main focus of our life for a while. I have tons of ideas for us as a family, and have reached out to other cosplay parents as well- it’s nice to know there is so much support and experience out there!

R: Well, that’s all the questions I have, is there anything else you would like to add?
B: Thanks again for checking out the page, I enjoyed answering your questions! It’s always fun to reminisce over how I got into this quirky niche- I hope my fans and followers continue to support and enjoy my work and get a few lulz along the way :)

Anime-eden would love to thank BattyJuice for doing this interview, and I loved doing this, it was really fun and exciting. I hope you all enjoyed reading this and if you are a cosplayer, and you want to be interviewed, please contact me via facebook at www.facebook.com/Anime-Eden or on the forums under the user name Reflux. BattyJuice, keep doing what you doing, and I wish you the best.

You can check out BattyJuice on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Battyjuice for more Batty Antics.

Anime Review 2014′s Spring Release: No Game No Life


Synopsis of  No Game No Life:  centers around Sora and Shiro, a brother and sister whose reputations as brilliant NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) hikikomori (shut-in) gamers have spawned urban legends all over the Internet. These two gamers even consider the real world as just another “crappy game.” One day, they are summoned by a boy named “God” to an alternate world. They’re, God has prohibited war and declared this to be a world where “everything is decided by games” – even national borders. Humanity has been driven back into one remaining city by the other races. Will Sora and Shiro, the good-for-nothing brother and sister, become the “Saviors of Humanity” on this alternate world? – synopsis taken from www.anilist.co/anime/19815

I was suggested this anime by a friend. I normally don’t go out of my wheel house on anime, but they knew I like gaming and things of the online culture, so series like .Hack// and anything like that gets an instant look at when I find out. So as I started it, I was a bit of skeptic on how I felt on it. I usually have to give a series five episodes before I can rate it for continuance or a total loss of time. Needless to say, in the first episode, you get this weird feel from the relationship from the brother and sister duo. Almost as if they are symbiotic, but just an uneasiness in how they treat one another. unnatural, weird, incest-y feel.

So, I trucked along the series, giving it a shot even though I had put a ban on new series. I was pleasantly surprised that I was taking it as it was. Normally, I want to give up on a series that has a lot of over the top plot devices, but this was different and I was thinking I should at least give it more of a shot than what I did. Yes, the main characters seem like the male is a douche bag and completely over confident in their duo. The female part of the duo seems to be pandering a bit on the cutesy, kawaii, small voice, neediness for her brother. In the sense, kind of hoping to put that vibe for people looking for that Onii-chan/Imouto creepy relationship. The side characters have yet to develop much in the point that I am in on this series. So, I am hopeful.

The colors, are quite colorful. The draw style is great and reminiscent of other series I have watched. So, I want to give this more than one chance. I am currently on episode four, and I am trying to figure out where this series is going to go. I mean it seems interesting, aside the obvious things that I’ve complained about, it’s still got my attention. So as I am going to continue watching this, I hope there is more episodes beyond 12, and if it’s just 12, I hope another season, because sometimes I think some series deserve more than just 12. Perhaps my opinon can change as I continue to watch, I don’t know, but I am hopeful. So far, I would rate this a 7/10 with room for improvement and character development

What is your opinion? Have you watched this? If so, did you enjoy it? what would you rate it? If not, would you consider this?

Editor Note: Now, remember these reviews do not reflect the views of the staff on the forums, nor their user base, except for Reflux. If you have anything to say to him, you can sign up to the forums and let him know via his user profile. Any viewpoint expressed are his and his solely, so please respect the site rules and no flaming or arguments over opinions on the blog.

Forum Banner Contest entry #4

Anime-Eden’s Magazine is under construction

Today, marks the day that this gets underway. As the Editor, I will be going over a few things that we want to cover in this blog/e-zine/archive of our podcasts. We personally want to thank you for your patronage to this portion of the site. We truly want to share why we are doing this; overall, we are just like you, and just want to make something that everyone could partake in. We hope to be able to promote not just our site, but the sites of those communities just like ours. We want to review, animes, mangas, cosplays, and other websites.

As an over all thought, we want to cover our bases with all things otaku, gamer, techie, and generally just anything awesome. We want to be able to provide you, the reader, with more than just our opinions, but provide you with an honest take on all those subjects plus more. Our general mission statement is want to provide you with what we would want to see and read about. We want to provide you with what we can, when we can, how we can. Truthfully, I, am here to create something from our heart to share with world. Which to me is pretty darn cool.

So, if you are like me, and want to share with the world, just a little bit of what you are passionate about, then join our site, and go to the forums. Allow us to know you, give us the 411 on what you are about, and tell us of anything and everything you deem cool. Inform us, so we can inform others, thus allowing everyone to share in the awesome.

Please, enjoy, and allow us to know where/what/when/who/& why we can improve your experience. So much so I fell asleep at the keyboard writing this. Our dedication is our pledge to you that we are going to do our best in all our endeavors in the future moving forward.


The Editor